Calypso Monarch Finalists 2K10

What yuh say? No! Aloes does cure belly pain and make 'tings right' but too much sugar spoil the ting eh! Many are lamenting the fact that Sugar Aloes did not qualify for the finals with an original composition but Protector with a sampling from Jimmy Cliff made it to the finals. Yuh see, nevah ah dull moment with Trini competitions eh boi...
However one may feel there will always be a problem with the decision of the judges. I am still wondering how some of the 35 semi finalists got in ahead of last year's second place finalist Joanne "Tigress" Rowley. But no one made a fuss about it so whatever happens next will not surprise me.  The decision of the judges is always the final statement.  Maybe it is time that the formula for selecting the people who judge these competitions to be revised. Maybe we need to come up with a new formula to train then select a pool of judges for these competitions. What is your opinion? Please leave a comment.

Here are the Finalists of Calypso Monarch 2010 competition


All Rounder

Brian London


Devon Seales

Kizzy Ruiz

Kurt Allen


Nicole Greaves

Roderick Gordon ’Chucky’

Singing Sandra

Sean Daniel

Mr Shak

De Fosto"

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