Thirty-five calypsonians named for Calypso Monarch Semifinals

The next post has the playlist with audio to listen to the songs competing for the big prize. Here is the link to the player if you came to this post from another website.

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A total of 35 calypsonians have advanced to this Saturday’s Calypso Fiesta at Skinner Park in San Fernando, following preliminary judging at various tents across the country.
The lineup contains a mixture of young calypsonians along with seasoned veterans, who will compete for a place in the Big Yard on Dimanche Gras night, February 14, 2010. The finalists will challenge reigning Calypso Monarch, Chalkdust. Saturday’s show gets underway from 12 noon.
The full list of semifinalists is as follows:
Tobago Chalkie, Alicia Richards, Twiggy, Brother Valentino, All Rounder, Anthony Johnson, Brian London, Skatie, Dee Diamond, Devon Seales, The Stinger, Duane O’Connor, Eric James, Heather Mc Intosh, Joel Parsons, Karen Eccles, Karene Asche, Ninja, Kizzie Ruiz, Kurt Allen, Lesley Ann Ellis, Short Pants, Protector, Sugar Aloes, Michelle Henry, Nicole Greaves, O.C., Count Robin, Mr. Chucky, Singing Sandra, Sean Daniel, Mistah Shak, Spicey, Gypsy and the Original De Fosto Himself.
Meantime, the preliminary round of the Extempo competition was held at the Strand Entertainment Centre on Monday night and the results are expected to be announced later this week.

So can someone explain how Joanne "Tigress" Rowley did not make it to the final 35 for Saturday's Calypso Fiesta? Hold on now, wasn't she the 1st runner up last year? Wait now, haven't you heard her offerings this year? Politics in Kaiso is ah bitch that bites you in yuh arse when yuh least expect it... Maybe the new land tax should have been praised in song because singing about the people cacada backfired this year... the music is sweet and the lyrics biting and just right but this will not work with the government providing the purse for the competition. This does not mean that someone from the government whispered that she should be left out - no that is not what I am saying here. However the way things work in Trinidad is that  the people running the show know what needs to be done - "just so" as Trinis like to state.  I don't know if her lack of participation in the calypso tents played a part in her "dismissal" this year.
Well let's see what will happen ... winds of change are sweeping across TUCO and your guess is as good as mine... changes eh.

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