Fantastic Friday is Here!

The competition will be fierce with the performances coming at you fast and furious. Here is the one thing that I don't want to deal with after the results are announced. "They thief, they thief we want to see t he score sheet" (ah bet yuh hearing Maestro eh).  There will always be complaints but I am watching for the complaints to come from the small islanders' supporters especially from the island of St. Vincent.  Keep your eyes on Skinny Fabulous and be fair with your assessment of his performance compared to the rest. I am not saying this because I believe he is the front runner but because of the hate for anything Trinidadian emanating from up the islands especially from the St. Vincent massive. If he pulls it off then the waters will remain calm - tranquility will reign supreme up the islands but if he does not win then go to and watch the fallout.  I have my favorites but it does not matter how good your song is... the performances tonight will dictate the winner... good luck to everyone and may the cream rise to the top!

Here is the order that the "Power Soca Finalists" will appear tonight:
1. Daddy Chest (Dominica)
2. Tian Winter (Antigua)
3. Super Jigga TC
4. Shal Marshall and Screws
5. Skinny Fabulous (St Vincent and the Grenadines)
6. Mr. Killa (Grenada)
7. Tallpree (Grenada)
8. Farmer Nappy
9. Defending Champion Faye Ann Lyons
10. Iwer George
11. JW and Blaze
12. Blaxx
13. Ronnie and KMC

Here is the order that the "Groovy Soca Finalists" will appear tonight:
1. Ainsley King
2. Nnika Francis of (Grenada)
3. Metro, Synergy Soca star winner 2010
4. Rikki Jai
5. Patrice Roberts
6. Chucky
7. Shurwayne Winchester
8. Defending Champion Faye Ann Lyons
9. Kerwin du Bois and Farmer Nappy
10. TC  (Barbados)
11. KMC
12. Zoelah (St Vincent and the Grenadines)
13. Lil Bits

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