CNMG defends stand on Carnival rights | The Trinidad Guardian

CNMG defends stand on Carnival rights | The Trinidad Guardian
Everyone is upset because of the rights given to CNMG, some could not broadcast while others paid and could not see the streams that buffered but never evolved into video. Today Minister Neil Parsanlal stated that they paid the stake holders $500,00.00 each to give CNMG the rights to the Carnival. Now how did the government get involved in this? Obviously this valuable package was not tendered to the rest of the media entities in the country. When I think about it I have to conclude that in the event that the "The Product" was tendered none of the other media houses could ever win the tender... not with the government's purse backing CNMG and that my friends is your money (taxpayer's money). So it is now up to you to do something about it. Don't let this be swept under the rug.
As for me I will say this: "The stench of Neil Parsanlal's arrogance is nauseating!

So here is my message to the people of Trinidad and Tobago - Let's talk nothing but the truth and with that sing with Kurt Allen "No Compromise" - just stop this nonsense!

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