Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG) fails to deliver on promise to stream shows

They failed miserably to deliver on their promise to stream the Soca Monarch Competition on a pay per view basis. Now we know how good the people at WACK Radio have been with their streaming of similar shows. Bravo Mr. Kenny Phillips and just to let the people at the Nationally owned Television Station know some of the shows are brought for free by Wack Radio.  Everyone one is upset: "de damn ting only sticking", "it crash here", "I cyar even get on" "the equipment cyar handle the bandwidth" etc. Now these were some of the complaints of people who paid US$19.95 for the show and even some who paid US$90.00 for the entire package.

One would think that since this is a state owned company and the State is subsiding just about all the shows that this would be an ideal opportunity to promote the festival and the many shows that would be streamed via the internet to the World. This was the ideal opportunity to encourage people to come and see for themselves but instead they had to charge. How much money could be earned? I don't know but I do know that the government  donated $2.5 Million dollars in prize money and rental fees for the Soca Monarch. If they could give so much to ensure that the show is/was a success why not promote it so that some day when the demand became so overwhelming then and only then should there be a fee to see the shows liver via the internet.

If your systems are not capable of delivering the good then don't charge and deliver a poor product - shame on those who did this. No one from the service providers has come  forward and apologized for this travesty. Kenny Phillips from Wack Radio had this to say: 
“They said I would be served with an injunction if I went ahead with the radio broadcast,” he said.

Phillips said he had done live audio and video for the Kaisorama show on Thursday and was willing and ready to broadcast the Soca Monarch competition.

“CNMG has failed miserably and this is reflecting badly on the international scene. I mean, this is a State-owned company and they are doing that amount of stupidness,”an irate Phillips added. 

I am sure that the people involved in this fiasco are now scratching their heads or may be running to the hills for cover. The blame game will be played and surely you will have executives blaming the internet bandwidth for the problems they incurred. Didn't they expect the demand that was placed on the service? How is it that people who have been doing it and doing it well were rejected and even threatened with law suits if they went ahead and did any broadcasting?

It is time to reboot, refund people's money and give the rest of the shows for free - of course an apology would be a good start - if only eh!

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