Brazil style revelers hit the Streets of Port-of-Spain

Skin, skin and more skin was the order of the day yesterday, as masqueraders chose to wear next to nothing as they paraded the city streets.
At the judging point at the Queen’s Park Savannah, well-toned women combatted the blazing morning sun in thongs and bra tops. In some cases, they wore underwear, but only body paint and glitter covered their upper bodies. Even the men seized the opportunity to show off their rock-hard abs with some wearing nothing but tiny, fitted shorts. The sexily-clad women had the heads of male and female spectators constantly turning, while muscular men attracted long stares from women.
Trinidad Guardian Newspaper:

Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday:,38669.html#foto
After reading this article from the Trinidad Guardian newspaper I am even more upset that "C" television made such a mess of the broadcasting of the Parade of the Bands. I was unable to quench my thirst for almost naked ladies jumping and wining on the streets of Port-of-Spain.  Shame on "C" television.

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