2010 Soca Monarch Results

Here are the results for the Soca Monarch shows hosted at the Queen Park Oval last night. Last year's champion Fayanne Lyons-Alvarez placed second in both categories.  That means we have new champions. Congratulations to Shurwayne Winchester for winning the Groovy Soca Monarch crown - the King has taken back his crown! JW & Blaze palanced their way to the Power Soca Monarch crown - congratulations are in order and next up may very well be the Road March title - the song is so popular!

Groovy Monarch
1. Shurwayne Winchester (Winner)
2. Faye Ann Lyons-Alvarez
3. Rikki Jai
4. Patrice Roberts
Soca Power Monarch
1.  JW & Blaze (Winner)
2. Faye Ann Lyons-Alvarez
3. Shal Marshall & Screws
4. Tallpree

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