Carnival Is Over Marks The End | Lord Kitchener

It is January 04, 2010 and the talk of the town, if you are not aware of it, is not about the upcoming internal UNC elections or even the crime spree taking place in the land. The talk is about King Carnival and the Bacchanal that will soon take hold of  the islands.

I was browsing YouTube videos and came across this classic Kitchener song that "The Original De Fosto Himself" recently commented on at the launch of his new music for 2K10.  He said that in a private conversation with Lord Kitchener that the singing sensation of the land (Kitch) said "The Carnival is Over" was his all time favorite.

Carnival has not been officially launched but this song will bring it to an end. When it is played on the radio stations everyone will pause to listen. The song is beautiful but sad at the same time - you will understand after listening to the lyrics.

We should always remember the greatness of this legend Lord Kitchener.  There is no motion to this clip just a photo and the music but it is just as enjoyable listening to the Grand Master...

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