Leatherback Turtles

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“Leatherback turtles coming ashore to nest on the Manzanilla Beach this year will benefit from additional protection as a result of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) support for night patrols and public awareness activities.

This is all part of a new initiative by the Manatee Conservation Trust and the Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago to ensure that nesting leatherback turtles receive the fullest protection while on land as well as the survival of their eggs and hatchlings. But taking it even further, the funding being provided would contribute to an education program targeting the fisher folks. Thereby, turtles which become entangled in fishing nets can be released safely rather than face mutilation and left to die.” Read the rest of the story here:
"Each year around Easter, hundreds of hikers and conservationists trek to the coastal regions of Trinidad and Tobago to watch (and guard) Leatherback turtles while they lay their eggs. If you're into nature, then the awesome sight of hundreds of turtles coming ashore during nesting season will surely lure you to Trinidad's Northern coastline every Easter.

The largest of all marine turtles, the Leatherback has been known to grow as large as a car, but while it is agile in water, it is slow and clumsy on land, thus making it susceptible to hunters, who slaughter the animal for its tough, leathery exterior and its flesh.

Trinidad and Tobago are among the few tropical countries in the Western Atlantic Ocean where this endangered creature goes to lay its eggs, and the turtles only come ashore during the nesting season. Since the Easter vacation falls within that season (which runs from March to August), turtle-watching is a major part of the Easter outdoor activities."
It is important that we ensure that these turtles don't end up being butchered by uncaring hunters who don't understand the importance of the turtles returning to Trinidad to lay their eggs. These wonderfully beautiful creatures should be protected at all costs and one should applaud the efforts of everyone concerned in the protection of the turtles. Many people are volunteers who give up their nights rest to watch over the turtles.
Good luck and may the turtles multiply successfully.

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