American vs Trinidadian|Triniglish!

This was sent to me by Vanessa Hernandez - She received it via email... I don't know the author of the document but I believe it deserves to be posted - Gosh it is very funny!

USA: Such tasteful Hors d'heurves, sumptuous finger foods, wow!
TnT: Whuddy ass is dis? Whey de blasted food?

USA: Here Kitty kitty... get down from that roof munchkins.
TnT: Ey yuh ole dutty stinkin cyat, come down from de friggin gyalvanize
before ah drop two stone in yuh ass!

USA : Aren't those pants a bi t short?
TnT: Yuh expekin flood or wha?

USA : Sir, please don't throw my luggage like that.
TnT: Buh wha trouble is dis? Boy,...... stop flingin meh grip so.

USA : Lift the hood of the car for me John.
TnT: Yute-man, fly open de bonnet deh!

USA : I love you
TnT: Ah rell check fuh yuh, yuh know.

USA : Oh the poor little boy is handicap.
TnT: Look at dat lil brooko foot boy dey...

USA : It's time for a perm.
TnT: Gyul , yuh head need straightenin bad. Yuh doh see all dem gren-gren showin.

USA : I have a stomach ache
TnT: Oh gorm...............meh belly gripein meh.

USA: He has no manners.
TnT: He doh have no broughtupsee.

USA: WOW!............he  has such a bad body odor
TnT: Yuh doh bade? Oh shit man...... yuh smellin stink!!!

USA: Josh is suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder.
TnT: Dat chile too dam harden.

USA: He has a touch of Dyslexia.
TnT: He duncee fuh so.

USA: I need a bottle of stomach hurts.
TnT: Ah need ah purge bad...ah cork up.

USA: It's been a long time since I've seen you girl.
TnT: A A …. U still alive gyul?

USA: Oh my goodness, we have lost electricity.
TnT: Jeezanages!!.......current gorn again.

USA : This meal is not too bad.
TnT: Wha doh kill does faten and what doh fatten does purge.

USA : Oh my, your feet are so ashy.
TnT: How yuh foot an' dem look like yuh was kickin flour so? Yuh couldn't a rub l'il coconut oil on yuh foot.

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