Isaac Blackman

Not too long ago Isaac Blackman  launched his new website in gala fashion. The venue was the Veni Mange Restaurant in Woodbrook. Isaac is the youngest son of the late great Ras Shorty I. Isaac had the monster hit ‘To the Ceiling’, one of my favorite songs, that carries a message of hope and triumph. Our music will triumph with the likes of Isaac Blackman and the Love Circle churning out music of hope with soul searching lyrics that are not only uplifting but really sweet to groove to - I just love listening to them and you will also.

The website address 'is/was'; however that site is not available at this time and appears to have a broken link.  I was curious and wanted to see the young man’s site. The web page loaded quickly and has a full page photo of Isaac with a menu to the right side of the page. The website/page is well done and looks very good. However, nothing opens up as if there is no content to link to. Maybe the initial page was meant to be used as an advertisement for the movie "Shanty" that features Isaac’s song “Old School Love”. Hopefully content will be added and the buttons will link to additional information. Some of Isaac's videos and 'most played songs' are available for viewing and listening at URL provided beneath, go and take a look; I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

I really do enjoy the music of the Love Circle and wish the Blackman family all the best in their future endeavors. I have attached two videos/songs that I really like for you enjoyment... Enjoy!

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