Donkey Say: hee haw, hee haw

This is a reprint from the days when WACK radio had a "Posts Forum"- I think it is relevant today now that it was said that I was "braying in the box today". I renamed it just for the hell of it but more so to be relevant to the wack901fm shout box’s one sided disagreement yesterday. So in the spirit of the Jackass, "hee haw, hee haw".... now it can be said that I was braying like a jack ass yesterday...
If someone advised you to act more and talk less, what is the first thing that would come to mind? I pondered on the statement, the advice, and wondered if I should go out and get something done, fulfill some unknown task that was given to me and through procrastination shelved the activity simply to continue with my rambling way. Talk less and act more or maybe I should simply keep my mouth shut (that would make some people happy indeed but that is not my style). The real issue is that some people fell that they have a right to dictate that which be discussed in the shout-box... I can't ever remember living is a socialist society. However, what is correct is that I live in a society where freedom of speech is practiced to the hilt - that's the rock that I stand on.
What is there that needs to be done in the Forum on the WACK site that I missed or was I being taught a life lesson for the betterment of myself and those whom I encounter on a day to day basis? The second part first … nah that is irrelevant, life is copacetic but some extra cash will surely help. Hmm, still pondering/wondering (this has to do with the WACK site Smarty!), but wait ah minute now, what are the constructive conversations that take place on the site … in the shout box? Let me think, no better yet, let me check the shout box now and see…
“Assume de position”,
“Ah whining”,
“Gimme right dey”,
“Over and over again”,
“I going down, I going down low, low, low”,
Bassa Bassa: You got married only to find out your spouse is ah homo – what yuh go do?
Oh lawdy, have mercy!
Well it seems that not much is taking place on the WACK website yet still, I can’t fathom the depth that I have to get to find out that which I need to satisfy my good friend and his desire that I should “not be braying in the Wack shout box”.
I get it now; it is like the scene in the Matrix where Neo is stuck in the subway station. Yuh see it does not matter what direction he takes he always comes back to the same place. Act more talk less, it does not matter on the WACK site because day in, day out, yesterday, today or tomorrow it is always the same – come for the party and leave happy!
Nice try my friend, the distraction almost got me. However, Smarty will sit out the next installment in this silly saga.

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