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A Guest Post with the information provided by Iva Ashford (written by Santiwah):
There is a chill in the air and as an expatriate living in Canada, I yearn for the feeling of Christmas back home in my beloved Trinidad.  The music at Christmas time really takes me back to a time when life was simple and things we take for granted today meant so much to me and my peers a long time ago. Whenever I hear Marilyn Williams’ song ribbons (one of my favorite Christmas songs) I remember my school days and the time my mother spent every morning combing my hair and making sure the ribbons she tied my hair with were not just perfect but picture-perfect.

When I reflect and really think about my youth and getting ready for school I remember that ribbons were a very important part of our school uniform. There were several types and colors for every occasion. There were narrow ones for the younger children and that included the toddlers and babies, broader ones for the teenagers, and decorative ones that were used as gifts and also made during sewing classes. I remember the girls wearing bows during the primary school period and then graduating to folding ribbons in a clip for High School. Oh, how I wish I knew then what I know now; memories that bring tears to my eyes as I reminisce about a beautiful time (youth) that we all take for granted but cherish today.

Ribbons in my hair made me feel special and cute and brought out the innocence of my childhood days.  I remember riding my tricycle and feeling like a princess and knowing that it was so fashionable for that period.

Every morning as I got dressed for school it was a pleasure to put on my white 'crepsoles' (sneakers whitened with Blanco), my beautiful pleated uniform, and to finish off the attire my beautiful ribbons – I felt so special. I can recall wearing ribbons going to High School up to about age 15.  Today ribbons are not a part of the lives of the new generation however for me it holds a sweet story and one that I passed along to my daughter during her formative years.

In the end, Ribbons represented who I was during my school years when life was so sweet. Today, as a mature adult, I know deep in my heart I still have my ribbons. I always reminisce about those memorable years whenever I hear the song, “Ribbons”.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us Iva... your friend, Santiwah. To all our friends reading this story: Marilyn Williams has a wonderful song titled Ribbons and it is presented here with this post to bring tears to your eyes. Enjoy it!

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