"How yuh grinding so, like yuh feeling hot or what?"

Things were better 'back in the day' - no wonder Nappy sang "Bring back the ole time days". Party time was way better during my youth, not because I was young and my hormones were doing a number on me but it was because "Rent-A- Tile dancing" reigned supreme. Now it is jump and wave yuh rag style which is more about the madness of the bacchanal season than grooving with someone to the music of Al Greene or Lionel Richie.   “We going and party tonight” … yuh cyar wait to get to the party and everyone is looking to see who is with whom and who came without anyone. But then again someone would come with a certain person and leave with another. So how yuh grinding so like yuh feeling hot or what ... action or it looked like lack thereof was the key to a 'boss party'.

"Yea, I see you wining and grinding up on the floor ... I see you looking at me when you already know that I want you... Akon"...  Sounds like he was singing about how we 'did it back in the day'. The music was just right and if you were lucky enough ‘to get ah dance’ your hormones danced a dance of ecstasy for that set. This was not traditional dance and one would think that couples were simply filling up the place and hugging in one place. However, when you looked closely you could see hips grinding into each other like there was no tomorrow - did someone say, dry humping? This grinding could really lead to a wonderful outcome as the evening progressed (if you were skilled enough or simply just lucky). The guys got sold our early... the girls had nothing to show after the dance but the really good grinders left the guys uncomfortable and a need to fan the fire that flamed beneath.  This was not the case of men inventing a ‘dance’ to pleasure themselves - both parties understood their roles only too well.

The girls were even better at the teasing game and they knew to play the game to create fire in the hips of the fortunate or unfortunate young men who marked their spaces on the floor ... they simply grooved the night away.  The girls smiled and chatted with their friends after the dance and a second look or another dance meant that the evening was heading in the right direction (for the guys). Pass on your experiences, don't be shy... continue the post.  Those were the good ole days.

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