"More Trini Than You"

Have you ever noticed that Trinis in the mother-land have an air about themselves when it comes to things pertaining to the Twin Island Republic? Of course they do, but what makes them believe that they know more about, care more about or are more conscious to the needs of the republic than Trinidadians living overseas?
“Come home and do something positive for the homeland” …I mean forget about yourself, your dreams, your children and go back home to prove that you are a true Trini. You can hear them say, “I eh leaving here for nothing, never ever!” Now this is utter nonsense because most of the people who say these things would jump at the opportunity to live overseas – to leave the motherland (Yes people are numb to the killings taking place every day).

I must admit that there are many ‘Fresh Water Yankees’ who lose their Trini accents before the aircraft lands at JFK airport – isn’t that typical of so many Trinidadians? However, I just don’t get people who believe that you must serve to show that you love your country. I believe that each individual has the right to follow their dreams even if it means leaving the shores of Trinidad and Tobago.

For the nay Sayers listen up please, “Yuh could take the Trini away from the island but you can’t take the island from the Trini”. I consider myself a true island man having lived all my life on two islands – the islands of Trinidad and Manhattan (Ha). Yes don’t you ever forget that Manhattan is an island within the environs of New York City? Now even though I don’t have the tropical breeze blowing across the island as is the case for Trinidad and Tobago I can still boast of always being an island child.

Hey just some random thoughts …

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