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I am sure that you know the song and how it goes: "Driver ah go take it here, Driver gimme over there right by the corner". OK, so now imagine that you are in Port of Spain and it is close to midnight.  Well, the first issue is that the regular taxis are not working and you have to hop a "PH" to get to Arima.  OK, you get inside the car and wait for the driver to get four more passengers. The taxi will not leave unless he has a 'full trip' to ensure that he maximizes the value for the route. Now the car is full and off you go - yuh feeling good because you are in the car and feeling safe.

Now as the car gets traveling up the Beetham stretch one of the passengers says those words "Driver ah go take it here". What are you thinking now? Do you feel like singing the song or are you worried because the car is supposed to stop in Arima or close to Arima? Are you thinking suck eye for the driver... easy money and he could get another passenger or does it make you nervous? Just think about it for a moment pause, sit in that car now... OK, so what are you thinking? Does this circumstance make the hair on the back of 'yuh' neck stand on edge sending chills down your spine because this could be a hold-up! There is silence then the driver says, "this trip going to Arima pardna, I doh stop here".  To which the passenger sitting next to you shouts out in a very 'combative' voice: "Stop the car here now".  The driver responds, 'Wappen like yuh eh hear what ah say or what?  I doh (don't) stop here'!

What do you think happens next? Finish the story.....but listen to Taxi Talk from the Merchant while you add some sauce to the story!


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kati1998 said…
.....this gives me chills because that said situation happened to me an my then boyfriend....we went to ah play in St.James heading back home around 10:30-11:00pm. We got in the car with the driver and another guy in from seat...which already had me uncomfortable, about ah minute later another guy got in the back seat with heart could not stop racing. Half way past the Beetham "Gardens" the car started to buck, guy in the from look @ the driver and said "wahappen driver you dont have gas or what" man I felt as though we were @ the North pole - chills started from the top of my hair to the tip of my toe-nails. The car stopped the guy in the from seat & back seat got out with the driver, the only thing I could think off was I did not get to tell my family "I love" them cause this just looked wrong. After sitting for about a second I look @ the all to calm boyfriend and said "you could sit here but I'm walking the hell back to Town". Without him answering I got my happy little, scared arse out of that car and started a little trot back into Town. I was not going to take that chance nah. Looking back on it I may have over-reacted but...I'm here to tell you guys about it today.....LOL