Did you say "Mango Cake?"

Are you a creative person? Do you like trying new things? Now I don't mean bungee jumping or adventurous things like that - by the way I am afraid of heights so bungee jumping will never, ever be a part of my thrill seeking ways. People can be and are very creative in many ways but recently I was browsing the blogs and came across a site named TriniGourmet. Now there are many sites out there providing recipes for various Trini delights but this one had a very simple recipe for a fruit that can be found all over the island.
I know we could get very exotic and talk about eating iguanas or alligator or something that could be found in "Bizarre Foods". I wrote this post because in all the years that I lived in Trinidad and even to this day I have never had "mango cake". Mango Cake! As a matter of fact I don't know of anyone who has made or eaten mango cake, ever! I have experimented with guavas making jelly, jam and even "guava cheese" but never even thought about mango cake.  I used to make a mean home made bread (good with butter as it came out of the oven) but never tried making cake that was my sister's job - gosh she could make a delicious "sweet bread".
Mango as far as I am concerned was and is still good to be eaten ripe and half ripe for delicious chow with a little salt, hot pepper and 'shadow-benny'. Then again there is the delicious curry or masala mango, red mango (sweet and peppered ones the Chinese made) ... loved it all! Now we have mango cake. I am certain there are many persons out there who simply love eating mango cake unfortunately I have never been that fortunate. Ok so if you live in the Manhattan area, and you are Trinidadian and can make mango cake contact me as soon as possible because I really want to taste this cake. Trini good oui!


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Anonymous said…
That was enjoyable to read, thanks for posting it.

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