Bucky and D'Mango Tree

This short story is a recollection about a lone but special mango tree that was located in what we considered our 'cricket ground'. It was located across the rail tracks on what was known as "Highland lands" (now a housing settlement). That area bounded Olton Road and Samaroo village. It was in-between both districts and hugged the area opposite Netto and Ramcharan (Trinity) Chicken Farms. If you see the area now you would never know that there once stood a Rose Mango tree that shaded us during those hot days while playing wind-ball cricket. Well, here is a brief story about what happened when we were 'liming' on d'mango tree on a Sunday afternoon with clear blue skies overhead.

It was one of those lazy Sunday evenings after eating our special 'Sunday lunch'; four of us went to the grounds to hang out. Obviously we ended in the mango tree to rest and chat about nonsensical things kids did during those lazy afternoons. To add to the lime was the thought of snacking on one of the red looking mangoes (with some yellow on them); the ones the birds love so much and yes, they were ready for the picking. Fraff, Bucky, Drake (all nick names of the guys hanging out on this day) and I climbed the tree with the intention to get the best mango.  As you can guess, it was a race to get up the branches to get the best mango. The most aggressive and skilled climber had the best chance to get the prize... the colorful and thought to be the sweetest mango on the tree. Things got heated and the race to get that prized mango was on!

It was a blur but Kurt won out but that did not mean we got left out... no things were on the up and up for every one until it was not and we were all back on the ground. Well, after picking one mango each, we settled down on several branches chatting and eating the mangoes. This  is where the story got interesting and, as you know, eating  one mango was just not happening today. Bucky wanted to get one more mango but it was a little out of reach but boys will be boys and this mango did not stand a chance. We glanced at Bucky as he reached for the  mango but for some reason were not focused on his efforts. I did not pay attention but all I heard was a crack and as I glanced over I saw Bucky free falling past me grasping at branches to no avail. He  hit the ground with a thud followed by an agonizing groan. We were all in shock and literally raced down the tree to check on our friend fearing the worst. Fortunately, he was just shaken up from the fall and fortunately we did not end up in the Arima Hospital.  Bucky was lucky the earth under the tree was not compact but soft with some grass keeping the earth moist. He was lucky and managed to limped away from the scene.

We were all concerned, to be honest, scared that he was hurt. After all was said and done and when we knew that he was OK it was ‘fatigue (i.e. jokes) and laughter galore’. Trinis have a penchant to make a joke about anything even serious situations can end up as a joking matter. We didn't know it at that time but this memory would be considered as the 'good ole day'. I remember it like it happened yesterday!

So what about you, yes you my dear reader friend... do you have a mango story? More importantly,  a childhood memory that you want to share with us. Maybe you can tell us what were some of the mangoes that you ate as a kid? I am sure you can recall making mango chow (Rose Mango was the best for that as far as I am concerned) with that special 'Trini' yellow pepper "ah lil shadow-benny" for flavor and of course a touch of salt – gosh those were the good ole days!

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kati1998 said…
"Managoes" one of may favorite things to eat when ah was younger -from chow,to curry - we've tried almost everything with mangoes - even the mangoes that was barely full(the seed still soft inside). Quite a few mango story - but one that was the most scary & the most fun - in the back off our house on land that was not ours there were all sorts of mango trees - from long mango to starch to julie and dodouse - one Saturday morning after mama left for the market we decided to get some mango before the sun get too hot. So we (my borthers & I) rounds up the neighbour kids and headed out - now these trees were tall and big so the boys used to climb and the girls will pick up the mangoes they threw down. But on the days I wanted to climb also which did not go well with my younger brother (we were always competing)-anyways they said if I go up they will be helping me to come down (how hard could this be)if my younger brother was doing it. Got to the lowest branch on the tree, which was a few feet well up from the groud - this is as far as I got because the next thing ah hear is "GORILLA" which is what we used to call the owner of the property. Every man jack started scaling down the tree except me - because this was my first time and I was not fast enough. With "Gorilla" approaching fast, I wrapped my arm around that tree for dear life an scaled down. No-one told me that the tree bark was that sharp - skin on my leggs were scrapped (more like ripped)and all those @%#@#&@ could do was laugh their butts off. Gorilla gave up his chase (he was not a young man)and we headed back to the house. My younger brother could not contain himself he probably laughed for 2 days. But dat did not stopped me I still climbed those mango trees and I have the scars to show for all my tom-boy days....