Ah Ketch D'Freshcole

One of my favorite people, a friend to the blog is down for the count. However, with a little rest and some help from the pharmaceuticals she should be ‘good to go in a few days’. The title of this short post says, “ah ketch d’freshcole”.  Those words were written by Gailos because she went to JFK without a jacket early in the morning and ‘ketch d’freshcole’. Please don't worry too much Trinidadians  (a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago) 'ketch d'frescole' all the time.

For those of you whom are not familiar with the way red-blooded Trinidadians speak here is a word of advice.  Please don’t go to JFK early in the morning without a jacket because you will ketch d’freshcole or maybe it will ‘ketch yuh’.  Well we need to get to the bottom of this ‘freshcole’ mystery.  We don’t need to send in the authorities to get rid of this nuisance supposedly at JFK but simply need to remember to wear our coats in this changing climate. 

D’frescole is nothing more than the common cold but a true freshcole comes with aches and pain that is better known as the flu. Only a Trinidadian could come up with such a term to describe the common cold.  I am sorry I had to drag it out this way but Gail put a smile on my face and triggered the light bulb switch that said blog post.  So now that we are in the beginning of the ‘catch d’cold’ season with H1N1 lurking nearby to bring about our demise we must remember to practice good hygiene skills. Washing your hands is a must and it won’t hurt to walk with and use hand sanitizer. So until someone else pulls that switch again it is so long until the next blog post.

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