Woman Doh Like Sorf-Man | Trinidad

Is that true or is it that women prefer more direct aggressive men – a macho man, maybe? Well it is a fact that the modern day woman is very aggressive and knows what she wants. She may see someone and may be simply interested in a ‘booty call tonight’. Now we have the guy who simply wants to be cool and take the relationship ‘one day at a time’ in order to be a gentleman and be someone he thinks that the lady is interested in. This world has turned upside down I tell you. Long ago men were extremely aggressive and would attempt to get in the woman’s clothes as soon as possible – it was a matter of preserving one’s manhood and was a necessity that the booty prize was achieved ASAP.

Times have changed and now we have the advent of the “Sorf-man” who can’t seem to press the right button to make things right. She wants me to be a gentleman or does she want a stud tonight? Can you tell the difference? Men are in trouble and it is very easy to get yourself in trouble by saying or doing the wrong thing – what should you do? Do you have the answer?

In Trinidad the term 'sorf-man' has a totally different meaning. It does not mean that you are not man enough to make the right moves at the right time it simply means that you are in a sexual drought and that your manhood is staring at the floor. Whatever, your perception of "sorf-man" may be, it is a fact that men need to defend their honor and most of all their manhood. The dawn of this newly aggressive female has even made the pool of available women even smaller. As a matter of fact they are even more aggressive than their male counterpart while in the hunt.

'Sofey, sofey' or soft man as one would put it needs to reclaim his throne and be man enough to rise to the occasion. So as the societies change and women claim their place as co hunters in the dating game lest I can say is Man beware!

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