A River Lime to Remember

As children, we loved going to the forest to get to the river basin where we would splash around and just have fun. Gosh that was exciting when everyone decided to head to the basin – that meant sweet cocorite fruit too (one of my favorite Trini treats).

Now the thing about the basin that we head to was that if was around a bend with a very high bank that caused an echo for those beneath. This also meant that you could take the high route and look down at anyone bathing beneath without being seen. I guess you could imagine where this story was heading. Well one day a small group of about five of us (young boys) took the other route to get to the basin. It was a beautiful sunny day and the breeze had the trees swaying as if waving to us as we got closer to the basin.

As we approached we could hear sounds coming from beneath. Boys will be boys so we sneaked up to the edge and peered beneath. In the water below us were Mr. John and Miss Thelma (lord have mercy) her breasts were hanging free with Mr. John chasing her in the water. We were too damn excited and began to push to get a closer view. The pushing caused stuff to fall into the water. All I could remember was hearing Mr. John say: “All yuh modder arse”, we all ran off at full speed just like in Kitchener’s kaiso ‘Love in the Cemetery’ – we ran with ah zoom, zoom, zoom.

We all had scratches and busted feet (oh I forget to mention we did not wear sneakers to go into the bush those were for school). God bless Mr. John and Miss Thelma (both deceased now) but on that day they were like a rooster and hen in the yard playfully picking at the fruit of life.

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