September 24, 2012

Trinidad and Tobago Celebrates Republic Day | 2012

Today is a Public Holiday in Trinidad and Tobago - Happy Republic Day to the beautiful people of the twin island republic! Trinidad and Tobago is the only republic in the Caribbean region; today we celebrate 36 years as a Republic. After gaining independence from the British government in 1962, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabet II remained as the Head of State. The Queen's reign as Head of State of an Independent Trinidad and Tobago ended when the country adopted a Republican constitution.

This change took place in 1976 when the country became a Republic and Sir Ellis Innocent Clark became the first President and Head of State of the New Republic! However, it should be noted, that we still retain the Privy Council of England as the final court of appeal. If, and when, a Caribbean Court of Justice is formed only then we can truly say that we are free our our Colonial past!

The following information is from NALIS (Trinidad and Tobago National Library and Information System Authority):
Trinidad and Tobago became a Republic on August 1st, 1976. The event was celebrated as a public holiday on September 24th because this is the date when the first Parliament met under the new Republican Constitution.



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