November 30, 2011

"Older Than Meh" | Rayzor Feat. Yankee Boy

This song was written by Rayzor RQB and Yankey Boy; it was mixed and mastered by Kevin "Shadee" Sardine out of Kode 784 Productions. Something you might not know is that these guys are members of a group known as "Request Band". This group of singers and musicians make music that is very different but infectious from your traditional Caribbean Soca. 
There are 10 members in the group: Leonce (lead female vocalist), Rayzor (lead male vocalist), Bing (keyboardist), Blou (percussionist/musician), Shadee (Keyboardist/producer), Ritchie (guitarist), Camille (Lead vocalist), Ratrick (Keyboardist), Mark (bass player) and Jerry (Drummer/song writer). You will definitely like this change of musical pace!

Here is the band's Bio from the site Reverbnation:
"Request Band's unique blend of soulful vocals and calypso-inspired melodies,over a fusion of rock riffs and island beats, hints of soca and reggae, but can best be described as Caribbean pop. This style has elevated request band to stardom, in parts of the US - where they routinely sell out shows, and win over audience with their electric and highly energetic performances ! With intentions to release several music videos,songs and albums in the near future; an upcoming band locally based in Brooklyn, NYC and collaborations with major artists : Request Band is definitely on the verge of achieving their dreams and becoming an international sensation RQBfiLife"

Final thoughts... The music is interesting and the vibe is different but I am wondering about 'Kode 784'. Is it a reference to St. Vincent and The Grenadines (as in area code 784)? Hmmm...

♫ Please press the play button (below) to listen (small triangle in circle).



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