July 17, 2010

Bounce Meh Nah! | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms Spoken and Explained #27
Yuh is a Trini|Well Bounce Meh Nah!

"Steups... Yuh fadder head, like yuh buy yuh license or what? Yuh didn't see me crossing de road or what? And yuh vex more than me... well if yuh name man, bounce meh nah!"
Sounds strange and even ridiculous well don't be alarmed this is typical Trini behavior. This is typical Trini talk and if you don't watch yourself you will have "someone flying up in yuh face". Yes I know I was bad to add "flying up in yuh face" to this Creole mêlée. Now to really get the 'jist of the dialogue' one must go back to the person crossing the street and examine what really took place. 

To be honest a lot of these conversations happen when someone attempts to cross the street recklessly. Trinis learn to cross the street by looking up and down then up again before crossing. Ha ha ha yes I am serious but in this case they mean up the road then down the road instead of the traditional look to your left then your right and left again before attempting to cross the street. Now that was a very serious joke and if you are Trini you should be smiling because as bad as it sounds it was reality. The adults used terms that were misleading and confusing to the children - hopefully things have changed. 

Complacency and ignorance and the need to get across the street by dodging traffic was commonly practiced without regard to the regulations governing commonsense while dealing with traffic and peoples better judgment. People always felt that they had the right of way and that the vehicle has to stop regardless of the status of the traffic lights. In the end as disaster is averted by the astute driver comes the rest of the conversation. 

The driver's heart is racing the person crossing the street is frozen with fear but as the car comes to a stop without the expected thud and then realizes that all is well. The driver hops out the car to cuss the person who almost caused a tragedy to life and limb. However, before he can utter a word, the venom that is spewed from the mouth of the  pedestrian causes him to stand with his mouth open like a fly trap - he listens in amazement. 

"What de jail is this, like yuh eh see meh crossing or what? How allyuh does get ah license to drive, like yuh pay for it or wha?

"What de @#$%&* ah hearing here?  Like yuh want to dead or what?"

"Who yuh feel yuh is? Yuh only smelling bad... Bounce meh nah?"

Schreech, whoa pull up to the bumper baby. In this scenario the driver's heart was racing with the shot of adrenalin that was pumped into his system when his eyes caught the pedestrian attempting to play ah dog crossing the Churchill Roosevelt highway (plenty dead dog on that stretch eh). He is happy that all is well but angry as hell that the person was so complacent by attempting to cross the street without being attentive - he changed gears and wanted to put the pedestrian in his/her place with a good cussing. 

The pedestrian, who should have been thankful that the driver maintained his vehicle and that is functioned as expected, moved from a near death experience to the typical "the pedestrian always has the right of way" attitude. 'Bounce meh nah' came from that person's mouth out of fear and typical Trini 'wrong and strong' attitude. Trini always has to be correct regardless of the circumstance. One can even conclude that 'bounce meh nah' has been etched into the DNA of the typical Trini and comes to the fore with a jay walking/near death experience.

"Doh bounce meh nah" - I fear for my life and limbs and if one day I should make the mistake and try to cross the street and the car should stop and not hit me I will thank the heavens for my good fortune. I would be thankful because I was lucky that, for the first time in a long time, this driver did not take a few shots at the bar before heading home.
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