January 27, 2013

Raymond Ramnarine Is The Chutney Soca Monarch 2013

Raymond "Showstoppa" Ramnarine of Dil-E-Nadan won the Trinidad and Tobago Lotto Plus Chutney Soca Monarch with his song titled "I Ain't Marriding No More"! The show was a production of Southex Promotions. The results were read around 2:45 am Sunday morning. The voting was done using a system of 70% text votes and 30% judging at the venue. So if you are upset with the results then you should have voted via text for you favorite artiste. The text votes are a revenue earner for the promoters and may be considered a strength but also a weakness of the structure to determine the winner.

The show moved along without issue; this meant the performances moved along without a hitch. Veekash Sahadeo had guest singer Makamillion for his performance while Rick Ramoutar had featured singer Shurwayne Winchester on stage for his performance. Drupatee Ramgoonai performed last and everyone was looking for Machel Montano to appear but he did not. However, that did not take away from her performance. She was great tonight. 

The early performers did not have much impact on the audience until Raymond "Showstoppa" Ramnarine performed. He had the audience going with a strong performance. The singer who performed before "Showstoppa", Roger Hinds was the leader up to that point in this viewer's opinion. Roger "Young Bill Rogers" Hinds from Guyana (Guyana Chutney Soca Monarch) performed well and had really good music to accompany his vocal performance. 

The following listing is the order of appearance for the show that took place at Skinner's Park, San Fernando in Trinidad. Seventeen contestants competed for the first prize of  $1M.
This Was The Order Of Appearance 
  1. Hemlatha Dindial - Karkar Kari
  2. Adesh Samaroo - 21
  3. Saleem "Stinky" Beharry - Park Meh Car
  4. Omadath Maharaj - Bacchanal
  5. Rikki Jai - Ent Yuh Know
  6. Roger Hinds - “A Chutney Fuh Meh Larkhi
  7. Raymond Ramnarine - I Ain't Marridin' No  More
  8. Hunter and Junjeezy - D Doggie
  9. Kris Veeshal Persad - Friend For The Night 
  10. Sally Sagram - Wine On Meh
  11. Anil Bheem - Freelancer
  12. Michelle Xavier (Michelle X) - Indian Man 
  13. Veekash Sahadeo feat Makamillion - No Strings Attached
  14. Prophet Benjamin - No Lokani
  15. Kenneth Supersad - Bad Talking Woman
  16. Rick Ramoutar feat. Shurwayne Winchester - Mr. Bachelor
  17. Drupatee Ramgoonai - Indian Gyal
Final Results Places from 1 To 10
  1. Raymond"Showstoppa"Ramnarine 43.7 
  2. Rikki Jai 42.6 points
  3. Kris Veeshal Persad aka "KI" 33.7 
  4. Kenneth Supersad 25.5 points
  5. Drupatee Ramgoonai 23.9 points
  6. Anil Bheem 22.9 points
  7. Hunter|Junjeezy/Rick Ramoutar (Tie) 22.5 
  8. Prophet Benjamin 22.2 points
  9. Omadath Maharaj/Sally Sagram (Tie) 21.2 
  10. Saleem "Stinky" Beharry  20.8 points



2 Responses to " Raymond Ramnarine Is The Chutney Soca Monarch 2013 "
  1. Javizero said...
    January 27, 2013 at 6:42 AM

    Raymond deserves to win since he is a great singer and wonderful performer. He definitely has the track record, congrats Mr. Raymond and Dil en Nadan.

  2. Santiwah said...
    January 27, 2013 at 11:04 AM

    Hi, when I was watching the show I commented that Raymond was the first performer to 'move' the audience. However, as the show progressed and Prophet and then Drupatee performed I thought Drupatee edged him.
    Having said that I have no problem with Raymond winning the title ... he was very good!
    Congratulations to Raymond!


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