July 20, 2010

Willie's Helper: Bois Bandé, Pacro Water, Spanish Fly and Sea Moss | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms Spoken and Explained #28
Yuh is ah Trini|Bois Bandé, Pacro Water, Spanish Fly and Sea Moss

In the Matrix Neo was given the choice to take the red pill or the blue pill. The red pill offered Neo the opportunity to see the truth while the blue pill kept things the same as before. Today the blue pill is the magic that shows the deflated male the future - a new beginning and relief from the thought of getting 'horn' (horn may come regardless of your virility). Well in Trini land the blue pill may have its place but Sea Moss, Pacro water and Bois Bandé are the ingredients used in the villages to bring 'Lazarus' back to life. Are you a believer?

Bois Bandé (pronounced Bwah ban-day according to Côté ci Côté là) is the herb of choice. I pity some of the trees that have wilted because so much of the bark was removed from the tree. The bark is boiled/steeped to get the magic that will give rise to lost pleasure and to heal painful and deep physiological wounds. Does it work? Write in and let me know because I don't know if it does. I believe I drank the 'tea' once but can't say if it really made a difference. No don't even go there. I found a site that sells Bois Bandé powder. On the site there is an 'important notice' reminding you to use the produce responsibly. Ha ha ha Trini acting responsibly when it comes to sex - that will happen when pigs begin to fly.

Here is some information (this is done in the interest of the public health... Tongue in cheek response!) from the site Grenada Market: "Bois Bande loosely translates from its French origin as "Potency Wood". It is found in some Caribbean islands and is well known as a Sex enhancer. The powder is derived from the bark of the Bois Bande Tree and can be added to hot beverages (water, milk) to extract its potent ingredients." Link to the site here: Grenada Market.com.

Pacro Water. Yes I had it and most Trinis still drink it and believe in its potency. I really don't care for it because I can't deal with any sea food in shells anymore. I am allergic to these things. According to the Simply Trini Cooking website, "it good for de back". If you are adventurous and want to try it go to this link for the recipe: Simply Trini Cooking|Pacro Water.

Spanish Fly. Ahh Spanish Fly, the one and only aphrodisiac that was the buzz of the town for a long long time. the young men all wanted to try this product. The product claims to be able to enhance performance. Increases libido and virility, improves sensation and increases stamina. Documentation for the product also claims that it increases skin sensitivity and is specifically formulated to help support sexual function and pleasure.

Sea Moss. Here is another one that is "good for de back" and the typical Trini male will consume Sea Moss every day if given the opportunity. It has been reported that it has aphrodisiac properties. I just don't care about any of that because this drink is simply wonderful - I love it! This sea weed is dried and sold in the markets around the country. Blanchieusse is a good place to get Sea Moss if you are on the Island. Once again Simply Trini Cooking provides a recipe for this drink. Get it here: Simply Trini Cooking|Sea Moss.

Trinis believe that these remedies can really help and if "yuh is ah real Trini' you will know about these things. Of course you can add to the post but these are some of the main 'remedies' used to give Piggly Wiggly a boost. This boost will ensure that your compass breaks the norm and point the way forward and keep you away from the confines of the cold and deep South. One needs to stay focused and head North, it is a desirable direction and a place that will stand out for years to come. However, whatever action you take make cock sure that you get it right.



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  1. Anonymous said...
    March 13, 2012 at 12:50 PM

    It's all in the mind.Men will kill themselves for sex.Poor souls and they can't even go natural.


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